Burn VHS to DVD

Maker Space:  How to convert VHS onto a DVD using Apple Computer/Monitor & Toshiba DVR SD/V296

  • You will need to provide a DVD +R  or  -R recordable disc to burn a copy of your VHS.

  • This equipment will record copyrighted material.  Because the video loads onto the computer, you have the capacity to delete any portion of the original video if you choose.   Turn on the computer/screen on left side of screen at the back.

  • Turn on keyboard located at the top right on the key board,(circular button).

  • At bottom right of monitor screen, click on “legato video capture” next to“garbage can” icon . A “wizard” appears.

  • Enter the movie name and approx. how long the movie is.  Click “continue”.

  • Click play on VHS machine to check video and audio.  Next, Click “continue” on bottom right for audio check.

  • When you find the place you want to start on the recording, click “start recording” on the right.

  • When the recording is finished click on “stop recording”.

  • If you want to cut/trim the start or the end (such as advertisements, etc) just adjust the arrows in the mini window to where you want it to stop or end.  Click on continue.

  • Click “quit” on bottom right.  This saves video (with a new icon) to the “desk top” on the screen, located usually in the upper right hand corner of monitor.   You will see a new icon there representing your recording.

  • Click on “Launchpad” on the bottom left of screen (Little rocket icon).

  • Click on “Toast Titanium” on bottom row (toaster icon).  Select “DVD-Video”.

  • Click “finish” on bottom right of monitor.

  • Click and drag video icon which was created into the program.

  • Click “burn” on bottom right. It will ask for the name in a pop-up window, enter the name you want video to be called and click OK.

  • Put the DVD disc you are burning in the Mac disc recorder (silver color).  It automatically burns the material onto the disc as soon as it is put into the recorder.

  • Follow “wizard” questions on the monitor screen.

  • You can also burn additional copies.

  • When finished make sure you push stop.

Transfer Cassette Tape to CD/MP3

Converting Cassette Tapes to other media -Set up using the MakerSpace/Dell Computer on East Tables

  • TURN ON computer, TURN ON computer monitor (often already on) Using the bottom docking Station,  CLICK the LaunchPad icon

  • FIND and DOUBLE CLICK the QuickTime(QT) Player program
    QT program will appear on bottom  Docking Station

  • RIGHT CLICK and “New Audio Recording” will appear in smaller window labeled Audio Recording.

  • This window has a center Recording button, left white arrow, right white arrow, and a grey volume box at bottom.  

  • RIGHT CLICK on right white arrow in box; another smaller window will show you where sound input is coming from…… check to insure input is from cassette player (iMic)enabling a direct line to computer THROUGH machine.

  • CUE the cassette tape and click play on the tape player

  • CLICK the red button in the “New Audio Recording Window” to start recording. Check the Grey volume box in the window to assure recording is happening; you can adjust the volume if you would like to listen to the recording as it is transferred to a computer audio file.  RECORD cassette tape; flip the record over when needed.

  • FINISH recording

  • END by clicking on square button in small window.

  • This will EXIT you out of the small window. A new larger window will pop up to save the recording.

  • First, NAME your recording. Then show WHERE it is to be saved. Then SAVE the file. It will take a few seconds save completely. Save as Audio only.

  • Remember to take your files with you so you have a digital copy ready to transfer to the media of your choice.

  • FIND your recording on the desktop.

  • MOVE it into your folder.

MOVE your folder onto your jump drive.