Our library has some really cool technology that we encourage our patrons to use. Here are some things to check out!

General use computers:
We have several computers available to use at our library. Even if you don’t have a card with us, you’re welcome to use them as needed. 

Anyone is welcome to make prints at our library. 

  • .10 cents per single-sided black and white copy
  • .15 cents per double-sided black and white copy 
  • $1.00 per color copy 

3-D Printing:
We have 3-D printers ready for use in our library! Prints cost .20 cents per gram of material used (including supports). 
Fill out this google form if you’d like to get a 3-D model printed with us. https://forms.gle/YDSo98UMpgUe5EKK7

 Ultimaker 2+ Printer

Video Games
We have a variety of games available for patron checkout for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. 

Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch Logos

Nintendo Switch Lites:
We have several Nintendo Switch Lites available for patron use. They can be checked out in the library for up to 2 hours. These do not leave the library building. We also have switch games available to checkout with a switch!

Nintendo Switch Lites

Converting Files: 
We have all the tools you need to make your old files current. Here are some conversions we offer at our library: 

  • VHS to DVD
  • Cassette Tapes to Digital Media
  • Slides to Digital Media

Here are some other fun things you can check out at our library: 

  • GoPros


  • Handheld Microscope

  • Telescopes

  • Blood Pressure Kit

  • Cotton Candy Machine

  • Snowcone Machine