Getting a Library Card is Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Bring with you a photo ID and a proof of address.

  2. Fill out an application. These are available at the front desk and asks you for some basic contact information and the name and phone number of a reference.

  3. Start using your card. We’ll take care of the registration, set up a PIN for online access, and you’ll walk out with a new library card.


What types of ID do we accept?

Any state issued ID (If you’re moving in from out of state, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be from the state of Utah. We just need to see that it’s you.)



What Counts as Proof of Address?

A document with your name as it appears on your ID and your address. This includes mortgage or lease documents, bank statements, bills, insurance papers, mail from a government entity, etc. We accept paper statements and electronic statements.


Can Kids Get Their Own Cards?

Yes! Children over 5 can get cards with a parent or guardian’s signature on the application. 


Can I Get a Card If I Don’t Live in North Logan?

You Betcha. We have nonresident cards available for a small fee.

3 Month Membership-- $24 per family

1 Year Membership--$90 per family