Congratulations to our winners!

6th - 8th Grade

3rd Runner Up - Suzie Booth "Window in Time"

2nd Runner Up - Paige Gurney "The Ruby Trials"

1st Runner Up - Chloe Chambers "AGirl in Somber Town"

3rd Place - Jacoby Nelson "Star-Struck"

2nd Place - Lily Meeks "The Lunch Box Mystery"

1st Place - Hadlie Ballard "Starting the Beginning Over"


9th - 12th Grade

2nd Runner Up - Seneca Staff "Supernova"

1st Runner Up - Aunalee Parker "The Energy That Makes Up Us All"

3rd Place - Kai Li Tullis "What Will Your Verse Be?"

2nd Place - Elanor Markham "Gilded Shadows"

1st Place - Jessica Lindhart "Not a Dream Anymore"


Special thanks to our celebrity guest judge author Jessica Day George!

If you are listed as a finalist, please visit the library to pick up you prize in person. Thank you!